PlanetZ Puzzle

++++ Newly released block game! ++++

Conquer the enemy! Reclaim our homeland!
The evil enemy took over our planet and destroyed our homeland! Please help us!

PlanetZ calls for help!

Fight back from our last base at the beginning of the game.
Conquer each enemy troop, according to the map.
At the base with special mark, the enemy is stronger.
Click two adjoining blocks to defeat the enemy and reduce the number of the enemy units in the game.
You can use cannons and laser guns in the battlefield to defeat a large number of enemy units at once.
Different battlefields have different landscapes with different set-up for cannons and laser guns.
Enemy units hiding in special landscape cannot be defeated.
The energy level of our army will reduce over time. Defeating enemy units will lift the energy level of our army.
Please note the mission will fail if the energy level falls to zero.
When you have outstanding performance in the battlefield you will be awarded a medal.

iPhone4/4S and iPod touch 3 or equivalent models with iOS5.1 or higher version. No need to activate internet when starting the game.

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