PlanetColony Free

Planet conoly realeased, It’s real-time strategy game, a play with brains
To balance the game, There are no paid contents.
Drag & Drop controll, best interface for smartphone, you can play very easily.
Have fun & enjoy Strategy & Tactics which is based on space
50Mission?100Mission? Planet conoly 90Mission+You can enjoy unlimited mission by using mapstore
You can upload your mission by yourself and enjoy another user’s mission

How to play
Only drag & drop control, easy control
To send your unit, Drag to enemy! If you win the war, you can capture an enemy planet
When you attack your enemy in a one sided, cut your spaceship, after the loation, then, you can attack your enemy very quickly
Avoid Black hole, it’s very horrible place

Game Tip
The more planet is bigger, the more your striking power increase
3Lines which you can attack is increased by your planet size
Use cut attack, when you attack your enemy in a one sided, only cut your spaceship, then your attact progress very quickly
Make the most of your line, support your own planet or send a concentrated attack
Line marked in red on the left of population
The resource can make your population increased, have the resource very quickly
Use your ally’s movement, they are very good suppoter
neutral planet is not developed, capture your own planet by supporting very quickly
Share the attack method

Point Tip
check attendance everyday for your point up
Give grade after clear your mission, then 1 Point up!
If another user play the game in your map, then 1 point up!
First log-in 30 points up per your smartphone
-5 point deduction, when you play mission in user map
-10 point deduction, when you play the mission in your own map

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