Planet Defense

Note: This game contains only 3 levels. Buy the full version for only $0.99/£0.59/0.79€ at the end of the 3rd level.

We are in the late 20s century and the World is being invaded by enormous Asteroids. Fortunately all world leaders have been able to build a huge BattleStation with huge firepower.
You are in control of the BattleStation, will you be able to defend the never ending fall of Asteroids?

Free Features:
– Play until level 3.

Full Features:
– Unlimited levels: Keep playing until defeated.
– Unlimited speed: With each level, the speed and difficulty of the game increases.
– Automatic Saves: Game is saved at the end of each level automatically.
– Space Debris come at a very high speed.
– Various Asteroids come at various speed.
– Online Scores: Compete with others online and publish your scores. Invite friends on facebook to join the War!

For support and additional information, please visit the website

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