PK BubbleFish Lite

PK Bubble Fish- ★★★★★ Little Puzzle Bobble ★★★★★ Upgrade plays in the world!

“Make the time run faster” is a game truly understanding you – PK Bubble Fish Bob – Method to play Bubble Bobble in the world, a new experience to kill time!

Bubble Fish Bob has a function to recommend music, which is a good companion to kill your spare time; and the function to recommend music is new method to play casual games developed exclusively by DODOsmart game: listen to your favorite music while playing games! Let you feel more pleased, imaginary and relaxed while killing your boring time, creating a wonderful poetic picture in your heart!

★ The little lovely bubble fish cartoon will make you more relaxed!

★ Play your favorite music while playing!

★ Suitable for Apple fans of all ages

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