Pizza War

There is some bad pizzas for kill you and you will attack them for keep safe . You are chef who try to make delicious foods . But there is some enemy pizzas for kill you and attacking you .

You have weapons for protect yourself . Also you got health counter and pizza count for show your performance . Better score will be better weapons and better weapons will be better score and also more pizzas to fight .

When you start game your weapon is weak . Each weapon is better than previous one . So you will try to get best weapon and fight more effectively .

Game has smooth graphics . Gameplay are is kitchen so will see boiling waters , fires and refrigators . Animatios are feels like you fighting active kitchen .

Game optimesed for Iphone 5 . You can play all IOS devices . There is no limitation of that . Minimum requriment IOS version is the 5 .

Metin ÖGTEM , . You can ask what you want . I will answer you ASAP