Pizza Friends

Awesome Pizza Game

Awesome Fun and Cool Free Pizza Cooking Games
Are you ready to try our new Cool & Fun Game? Another Awesome game from BEST,FUN, COOL ADDICTING FREE NEW GAMES.

【1】Fun & Cool Addicting Cooking Games Background Story
Listen to that mandolin strums, the cool breeze in the air and the smell of… PIZZA! Yes, you are now in Italy, the heart of cheesy foods, everywhere! You are opening a pizzeria to spread your love for pizzas and your friends are there to help you. Journey through making tons of pizzas and upgrade your pizzeria to a higher standard.

【2】Fun & Cool Mode/Features
■ Facebook play interaction where you serve your friends. (All you have to do is login with your Facebook account)
■ Take photos of your friends eating pizza in your pizzeria and post it to your Facebook wall. (Just click on your friend’s profile picture)
■ Learn how to make more than 20 pizza combinations.
■ Lots of coupons to be earned by following us on Twitter or LIKE us on Facebook.

【3】Fun Power Items
+ Pizza
All of the pizza ingredients are chosen based on real Italian and worldwide menus. You will learn how to customize pizza orders while playing Pizza Friends. We have more than 20 pizza combinations to choose from.

+ Wine
We have 6 type of aromatic wines to be unlocked.

+ Soups
We have 6 type of creamy soups to be unlocked.

+ Table Mat
A simple mat where you place your dishes on top before a meal.

+ Plate
Like any restaurants, you have your plate to place the pizza on. There are 6 designs in total to unlock.

+ Cutlery
6 Cool Design of cutleries. Unlock it to get more bonus for each pizza you serve.

+ Drinking Glass
We have 6 Cool Design of wine glass to choose from. Unlock it to get more Tips from customer.

+ Salt
6 Cool Design of Salt Bottles. Add some taste to the pizza when you need it. Unlock it to earn more customer’s satisfaction

+ Pepper
6 Cool Design of Pepper Bottles. Add in for extra flavor. Unlock it to get more customer’s satisfaction

+ Napkin
6 Cool Design of Napkin folds. Buying a napkins will get more tips from customers.

+ Operation Time
Operation time can be increased by 10 seconds.

+ Background
Awesome backgrounds to be unlocked with various themes, from Restaurant Chain to an elite river view pizzeria in Venice.

+ Table
Awesome tables to be unlocked with various themes, from Restaurant Chain to an elite river view pizzeria in Venice.

【4】Addicting Cooking Games Achievements:
A total of more than 100 items to be unlocked, each with different effects that can boost the game play, Don’t you want to get them all?

【5】Cool Restaurant Games Collections
The beautifully design pizzas and items as seen in pizzerias; Makes you want to collect and unlock them all.

【6】Awesome, Any Feedbacks?
If you would like to contact us about anything please fell free to contact us using our public email address.
or Use our Facebook Page


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