◌ Choose from 25 different animals
◌ Advanced petting simulation with movement
◌ Supports multiple touch to pet your animal
◌ Earn achievements to unlock more pets
◌ Give each pet a unique name of your choice
◌ Pet your PixyPet as often as you like
◌ Each PixyPet has their own sound and vibration reaction when you pet them
◌ Feed and Play with your pet to keep it alive
◌ Just like owning your own pet!
◌ Share your awards on Facebook and Twitter

♥ Are you an animal lover and have always wanted a pet, but don’t have time for a real one? Or maybe your parent’s won’t let you have one? PixyPet gives you the chance to have your very own virtual pet which simulates owning a pet in real life, without the hassle. Your PixyPet is easy to feed and take care of since it will be with you all of the time…on vacation, at school and at work!

♥ Kids, as well as adults, love this app! Mom and Dad, it will keep your kids busy for hours on end.
For ages 4 – 100!

♦▬▬ The most realistic animal app you will find. ▬▬♦

You can have as many pets as you want, just remember to keep them healthy, play with them, and PET them often!

Choose from a variety of animals…
◊ Dogs
◊ Cats
◊ Ducks
◊ Horses
◊ Dolphins
◊ Lizards
◊ Koalas
◊ Penguins
◊ Eagles

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