Pixy Link HD

⊕-50% OFF, extended sale!

What? Puzzle games are too simple, and easy to be bored with playing?
Pixy Link will let you break the traditional concept! Just join it!

Simple operation, vivid appearance and various items are what Pixy Link known for. Fortunately, it would be found in App store now!!!Pixy Link is a very classic puzzle game, but with unique method to play, it is not the kind of boring Link Games’ modes, it brings you to experience the different lovely and vintage style.

Pixy Link has three modes: classical mode, kids’ mode, and an invisible crazy mode which is waiting for players to discover. It has different difficulties, and abundant game props, its’ exciting and cheerful experience will without question keep you entertained for any ages.
Go and have a challenge!

✓ Apple Game Center.
✓ Hundreds of achievement waiting for you to challenge.
✓ Humorous, suit the taste of both old and young.
✓ User-friendly touch controls.
✓ Dazzling colors.
✓ Rich game props.
✓ Memory Challenge.
✓ 100+ Levels and Achievement.
✓ Three game mode.
✓ Classic, Crazy and Fun!
✓ Continually updated.
✓ New levels and props coming soon!

If you like the Pixy Link, please supports us by rating it for 5 stars, it would be the strongest motivation for us to continue to offer free updates.

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