Picross in 3D! Pixross is fun and challenging logic puzzle, sort of a mix of sudoku, crosswords and minesweeper in 3D!!

Picross, ie Picture crosswords, or nonograms are popular crosswords puzzles, where the aim is to find the hidden shape using numbers placed on the top and left of the grid. Pixross takes this setting to 3D like it’s year 2011! Remove all the blocks to reveal a 3D shape.

* Works with all (even old) iPod Touches to the latest iPhone 4
* 100 Levels!
* Hours of gameplay!
* Each puzzle takes just few minutes (at least with a bit of practise) so the game is perfect for bus, tram, metro, queues at the stores etcetc!
* Levels range from easy to more challenging ones.
* Nothing to configure, just click play and keep clicking until you reach level 100.
* You can select any level you have completed!
* Unlocked levels can be played many times over!

Check out the tutorial levels to learn how the game works.


Tap inside the cube to enter “select mode” where you can select blocks, after one tap you can “paint” more blocks by moving your finger around the surface of the cube.

Tap outside the cube to enter “rotate mode” where you can rotate the cube. You can also always rotate by moving 2 fingers together.

Double tap outside to remove selected blocks and that’s it!

There are also icons for all the functions! from version 1.2 on, you can also LOCK the blocks you know you don’t want to remove!

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