PixPop™ FREE

Play PixPop FREE and get selected images and features from four popular PixPop games. For free!

“Very addicting”
– AppleTell.com

“Something for everyone… When you want to chill… PixPop is the sort of game that will engage you.”
– AppCraver.com

“Great gameplay… thumbs up!”
– iPhoneAppReviews.net

This is the free version of PixPop, the game that AppleTell.com calls “very addicting.”

Find it, pop it! This addictive new game is a joy to look at and even more fun to play. It’s a hit with people who like matching games, jigsaw puzzles, hidden objects, and other visually engaging games.

Touch part of the big picture. Then touch the matching token on the right. If you’re correct, the token will pop and disappear. After you pop all of the tokens, you’ll get a new picture.

Easy breezy, right? Well it can get pretty challenging, so we’ve included hints and special booster tokens to help you out. Play the game in Competition Mode to use the same settings that players use to get on the Worldwide Scoreboard in the full version of PixPop.

If you’d rather sit back and relax, switch to Zen Mode where you can slow down the game, add more hints, set the number of tokens, and even change the size of the squares. PixPop lets you customize the game to fit your preferred speed and level of difficulty.

Take PixPop for a spin and see why people are having fun popping pix!

– New and addictive game play
– Easy to learn
– High replayability
– Beautiful and engaging images
– Competition Mode and Zen Mode
– Customizable to suit your mood and challenge level

– All of the features of the free version
– Many, many more pix to pop!
– Choose your favorites: Dogs, Sports, Art, or Around the World
– Worldwide Scoreboard with daily and all-time lists
– Local Scoreboard saves your top 100 scores
– Free updates with new images

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