PixelWorld vol. 2

** Remember to download PixelWorld #1 Comics! as well! **

PixelWorld vol. 2: TV Shows! is a pixel art quiz game based on TVshows. Lights, camera, action! We have selected 225 all time TV shows for you to guess in this hangman game. From the 50s to nowadays, play the 9 levels of difficulty to challenge your knowledge and memory. Guess all TV shows in this retro trivia game!


Win Gold, Silver or Bronze trophies if you type correctly the name in first three attempts, getting much more points. If you get stucked you can use 3 clues per tv show. And if you get REALLY stucked, you can use stars to redeem single tv shows! You can even ask for help in Facebook or Twitter with our integrated social media buttons!


Pixel World is a new series of cool apps that mix memorabilia challenge and fine art in a retro game. New volumes dedicated to other subjects coming soon! Stay tuned on our channels:

Follow us on Twitter: @pixelworldapp
and like our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pixelworldapp

***OPTIMIZED FOR iPhone 4 / 4S. ***
Still working on an iPad friendly version (if you download this version in iPad you may experience some issues)

We are Dani Moya (scripting; the man that makes things work nicely) and Ignacio Díaz (art; the man behind the pixels). For this volume we get the special help of Ana Monteiro for all the data.

This app has an informative and fun purpose, it’s like a trivia/quiz game made with our pixel-art. Original characters are property of their owners. We don’t want to act against any copyright law.

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