***** To celebrate a fantastic Bank Holiday Weekend in the UK, where the PQ team got absolutely trashed at some great parties and recovered in some sunny London parks.. We thought we should share the love by making the game free to ease the pain of work on Tuesday. Enjoy! *****

Come and join the EXCITING world of PixelQuiz!!

People love the game and hopefully you will too.

**Think you know films?**

**Think you have what it takes to complete an incredible quiz game for fans of classic 8-bit style? **

***Introducing PIXELQUIZ!!***

PixelQuiz is a fun new trivia game where you guess popular culture such as films, TV shows and music by typing the correct answer from amazingly stylized 8-bit pixel characters.

This is the ultimate test for those who appreciate amazing art and popular culture. With over 200 beautiful characters that were originally designed for this game, challenge yourself to complete 10 levels of increasingly difficult movies and compare with your friends.

The first package includes 10 levels and 200 original images of movies for you to guess, however we plan on releasing additional levels and other category packs in the near future, so stay tuned!

Best of all…NO ADS! (And we all know how much we hate ads…)

This game is easy and fun to play. Just choose your level and character and guess the correct movie / franchise that the character(s) star in. You earn 1 coin for each correct answer. If you don’t know the answer to a question, you can choose to spend your coins on hints. Hints cost 2 coins. You can also reveal the answer at anytime for 10 coins. Need Help? Why not also try asking your social network on Facebook and Twitter for their help by clicking on the respective buttons.

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