★★★★★ PixelPuz The Great Nonogram Puzzle Game

also known as Picture Logic, Griddler, Picross, Logic Square, Paint by Numbers, Paint by Sudoku, Pocket Pix, and Pic-a-Pix.

Solve the many different puzzles using the numbered hints on the side of the grid to reveal the colored picture.

★★★★★ Featuring

– Integrated interactive tutorials to help you getting started
– Very large puzzles up to 30×20
– Over a hundred themed puzzles
– Random puzzle generator for endless fun
– Advanced puzzle validator guarantees each random puzzles have a unique solution
– Fully multi-touch controlled, no need for ackward on-screen control pad
– Easy puzzles for beginners
– Over 80 hours of gameplay
– Automatic save, resume play when you want
– Auto-fill ‘X’s for ease of play (configurable)
– Two fingered zoom & scroll for better control
– Adjustable difficulty to please everyone
– iPod music compatible

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