Pixelated Plus Color Puzzle

*** AppAdvice.com – “Pixelated Plus Color Puzzle is a thought-provoking and engaging game. It’s the kind of app that will probably have you coming back for more for a long time and is well worth the asking price.”

*** iPhonemore.nl – “★★★★★”


Pixelated puzzle is a strategy, puzzle and brain-training game in which you will improve your skills about taking quickly decisions that affect to the future.. On the other hand, it is the perfect time-killer. It is the best option for waiting until the bus arrives. It has been proved that it is good for your performance to take a break each two hours while you are working, this will be a way to relax.

Playing Pixelated Puzzle is easy: The aim is to complete the full screen with the same color. We will start at the first square (for example, at the corner) which will be paintbucketed with a color (for example, Green). This square will have other adjacent squares (in this case, right one is blue and the one at the bottom is red). We, as players, can change the color of the squares on our own with the buttons at the bottom of the screen. When we change the color(e.g. to blue) we will see how we add to our squares the ones which are same colored (now, we would obtain the right placed square). Now, if we change the color again, the two squares will be color changed. Using this notions, we have to complete our aim using the lowest number of movements as we can. The points that we will receive will be determined by the number of remaining movements as well as the time that we have used and the configuration.

-Several levels of difficulty.
-GAME CENTER: challenge your friends or people around the world. We have set several achievements to be completed.
-HD graphics: The high definition interface will allow you to play in iDevices with higher resolution.
-Twitter and Facebook: Share by the most famous social networks your points and comments (depending on iOS version)
-Play the game in old iDevices like iPod 2nd Gen.

I will add gradually several features, contact me for suggestions.

Please send me any question or doubt.

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