Pixel Hell

The world has exploded for some reason! Tap the pixel people before they become bones in Pixel Hell.

Video: http://bit.ly/pixelhellvideo

*** HOW TO PLAY ***

– Tap the pixel people before they become bones in the fire
– You get more points for tapping them closer to the fire
– Tap the bonus item for MEGA points. Some bonus items are good but most are bad! Can you resist!

*** FEATURES ***

– Thousands of pixels!
– 44 pixel characters to unlock
– 3 lives
– Game Center leaderboard
– Music by Kevin MacLeod

This game is mostly grinding to unlock all the pixel characters!

*** REVIEWS ***

“I tapped a tank and then a bunch of fish appeared… why? is this supposed to happen?”

“Best plot ever”
– Juan MF

*** CONTACT ***

Web: http://bit.ly/pixelhellweb
Twitter: http://twitter.com/bubblepetsgame
Facebook: http://on.fb.me/pixel_hell

Note: You can unlock all the characters with an in-app purchase but that is not so fun!

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