Pixel Defenders Puzzle

Innovative and unique Match-3 / RPG hybrid!

★ “We highly recommend Pixel Defenders Puzzle three times over.” – 4/4 – Slide To Play
★ “you shouldn’t miss this game” – 4.5/5 – Touch Arcade
★ “Clever and great value game” – 4/5 – The Sunday Times
★ “fantastic pixel-art style and effortlessly addictive gameplay, Pixel Defenders Puzzle is an easy recommendation” – JayIsGames

◊ Pixel Defenders Puzzle is an innovative puzzle game with strategic combat elements. Match pixels to create Defenders and protect princesses, kings & queens from waves of fiendish enemies in this action-packed, retro-style match-3 puzzler!

◊ Match three pixels of the same color to create Defender units and engage in tactical, RPG-style battle sequences. Match 3 Defenders to create more powerful heroes with stronger attacks and special moves. Accumulate action points with efficient pixel-matching to fight your foes and be rewarded with special items to help you along the way!

◊ Test your wits in specially designed puzzle stages!

◊ Take on endless hoards of enemies in the action-packed Assault Mode!

◊ Put your skills to the test in Endless Mode: no enemies, just unlimited pixels to match and build your high score!

◊ 64 Achievements to unlock, plus global high-score leaderboards!

Pixel Defenders Puzzle Review

What is it about combat that makes plain old Match-3 games into something extraordinary? In the same way that turn-based combat made Bejeweled's familiar formula far more addictive in Puzzle Quest 2, the Triple Town style of strategically matching objects gets a much-needed boost in Pixel Defenders Puzzle. This puzzle game adds more than just orcs and archers, though-- it goes above and beyond with super-powered units, devious game variations, and adorable retro graphics. If Read More →

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