Pirates VS Ninja

How do you do to deal with it when you come across a mob of pirates on your way to a beautiful island?

Pirates will ruin your journey.

Game Introduction
You’re travelling to a beautiful island, but there’s a mob of pirates to block on your way. Only you have to use the darts to protect yourself. More darts you attack the pirates, more money you can get. The more, the better.

While the pirates are not so easy to be knock down, and the boss pirate will com to you in the end.

To face the pirates bravely!

★ Fully support on iPhone, iPhone4, iPhone5 and iPad
★ Various of pirates
★ Different levels of darts with different power
★ Chance to challenge with pirate boss when you succeed to a new level
★ Sealstone, and bombs are available for you
★ Statues fall abruptly, some secret tools hidden in them, break the statue

How to play:
★ A mob of pirates coming to you, when you travelling to a island
★ Click pirates, you can launch darts to attack
★ Switch between different levels of darts to enhance the power
★ Kill pirates to get more money to buy more darts
★ Clear up all the blocking pirates!

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