Pirate's Treasure

Pirate's Treasure is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Pirate’s Treasure Review

Pirates have enjoyed a cultural resurgence over the past years, right alongside zombies and vampires. We aren’t sure what it is about the traditionally bad-tempered pillagers that is attractive, but we’re hooked right along with the new romanticized version of the mates. Especially with Johnny Depp and Keira Knightley setting the bar. Pirate’s Treasure is a new dual-stick shooter from Chillingo, in which you take the role of a pirate and set off to pillage and plunder.

The game begins in a punishing way, with your pirate facing off against the Grim Reaper himself. Apparently this pirate listens to Blue Oyster Cult, because he does not fear the Reaper, to the point where he attempts to steal gold from him. The Reaper cuts him in two, and takes all of his abilities, which sets the stage for you to fight endless enemies to get those abilities back.

Arrr, that thar’s the kraken.

The game certainly has good character. From the fantastical plot to the humorous piratical sayings that are spoken during fights (‘I’m here to kick ass and drink rum!’), to the colorful levels and enemies, the game is an attractive one. Your pirate can even gain the ability to morph into a sea monster– one which is nothing short of adorable, strangely enough.

The controls are based on a dual stick system, meaning that one is used to move, and the other to attack. Your pirate has unlimited ammunition, but severely limited health, which can never be upgraded. This makes the first levels a bit punishing, as your pirate moves and shoots slowly but dies quickly.

The unlimited ammo and numerous levels give the game a definite arcade feel, but it gets old too quickly for our tastes, due to its repetitive nature. The levels and enemies change, but never drastically enough to keep us enthralled with it. All in all, it’s a good game, especially to those who like their shooters, but we don’t feel it is a must have.