Pirate Rogues

Arrr! Thar be action and adventure on the high seas!

Control the destiny of young Dash, a sailor on board a pirate ship under the command of Captain Scar in this comic book style RPG on the seven seas. Interact with nefarious characters while Dash learns how to become a proper swashbuckler.

When the pirates capture a ship and reveal it’s cargo to be a beautiful young woman, will Dash continue his career as a buccaneer, or will he try to save her? But does she even need to be saved?


- Comic Book Style Characters
- Classic RPG Elements
- Casual Game Environment
- Turn-based Combat
- Hidden Objects
- Cannon Mini Game
- Fun storyline!

Cannon battles, sword fights, hidden treasures, betrayal, and romance await ye!

*Tested on iOS 4.3.3. Performance may vary on devices using iOS 4.0 or below*

**Massive Update (Including the Next Chapter) Coming Soon**

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