Pirate Keys

You are a Pirate who has acquired the keys to countless treasure chests. You are a fan of Pirate of Caribbean
and like adventure discovery i think you are not skip this opportunities to find big treasure and become rich man.
How to play this game?
It’s very simple but many challenge and interesting
You must unlock them all. Swipe the screen to move your keys. All the keys move at the same time.

You can move them by tap to screen and move LEFT, RIGHT and down but not move Up. Be careful, you might get your keys stuck and have to restart the level. There are 120 levels
split into four 30 level regions. Level 1 Forest, Level 2 The Caves, Level 3 the Beach and end of game Pirate Ship level.
You are must complete level 1 before continue to next level
Have a exciting time to relax.

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