Pirate Defenders: the orb's quest HD

Play this exiting tower defending type game with your friends and players from all over the world!!
Compatible with iPhone3GS, 4G and 4GS

Ranked in TOP10 Apps in Korea!!!

★Bringing Up System★
Unlike regular tower defensing type games, you can take your leveled up characters( Officers ) with your adventure till the end.

★Character Customize★
Each character can equip a Weapon and a Jewel to increase the basic ability and to add a new skill.

★Items Refining Feature★
Weapons and Jewels are able to be refined to increase it’s ability

-Beautiful Sound
-Cool Effect

★Social Feature★
Ally with your friends to be rich or compete with your friends in their map

★Quests and Missions★
Try on more challenges in map and enemies

★Much More Maps and Enemies★

Once upon a time, there was a boy who is eager to be the King of Pirates, where one has to collect various qualities and quantities of Pirates Orbs in the world.
After several adventures, he has finally found a Pirates Orb.
To seek the other Orbs and its owner, he departs to the ocean where pirates from all over the World set sail searching for Pirates Orbs.
The story begins where he sets sails towards his adventure!!

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