Pirate Captain

Fight, Rob and Conquer Other Players with Cannon!

Drive your battleship on the seas, fire at your enemies, plunder their treasure and become the king of the pirates!

Combining sea battle mode, fancy pirate items and fantastic visual and auditory effects together, Pirate Captain makes everyone’s pirate dream come true.

Tons of features available:

√ Intense real-time online pirate duel.
√ Battle and plunder other players live.
√ Make friends and send messages.
√ Perfect visual and auditory enjoyment.
√ Various fantastic sea battle maps.
√ Shoot your opponents with funny balls: Octopus ball, Swordfish ball and more.
√ 20+ ships of four types: Galley, Viking Ship, Junk Ship and Galleon.
√ 10+ guns in three category: Howitzer, Mortar and Cannon.
√ 200+ body customization: build your unique pirate.
√ 400+ pirate wear: dress your pirate up.
√ 50+ magic pirate items: add more fun to your fight.

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