The most intense and addicting word game yet! If you are a word game aficionado, this is the game for you! If you like crazy, addictive puzzle solving, this game is for you! If you don’t really like games that much, but do enjoy spelling words at least kinda sorta somewhat, then this game is for you, too!

In this game, you’ll solve a factory’s plumbing problem with the power of words, or rather, “pipewords”! Build a path of pipewords from the faucet to the drain. You need to move fast, because each letter of your pipewords will steadily fill up with water, and you don’t want the water flow to get stopped (trust me!). Make sure to plan your pipeword paths carefully to find secrets and collect treasure! And if that’s not enough, tricks, traps, and timebombs (eep!) will conspire and confound your progress. Anyone can play this game, but only the best word masters will make it to the end

Intense word game play meets complex, crafty puzzle solving!
Levels are loaded with secrets! Can you find all the bonuses?
Custom interface for left-handed players!
Try out Hard Mode for the ultimate word game challenge! Bring your dictionaries!

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