Pipe Lines

‘Pipe lines’ is a puzzle game that connect the pipes to supply water to the city.
To supply water to the city smoothly, you need to demonstrate a remarkable ability as a water supply supervisor.

★ Features ★
• Simple Rules and Easy Control
• Various Stages
• Battery System
• Support In-Game Store
• Support Multi-Languages
• Support Universal App

★ Simple Rules and Easy Control ★
• Connect the holes of the same color by touching.
• To complete the level, you have to fill up the space.

★ Various Stages ★
• Stage Mode (Play Game)
– Feel free to enjoy the basic game-mode casually.
– To connect pipes underground, you need to charge the battery.
– You can get 5 hints at first game.
– Try using the hints with touching the bulb icon on the top screen in the difficult level.
– Stages: 5×5, 6×6, 7×7, 8×8, 9×9

• Time Attack Mode
– The specialists sometimes make a bet on who is faster. Try to challenge faster than anyone at the time attack-mode.
– Select the stages : 5×5, 6×6, 7×7, 8×8, 9×9

★ Battery System ★
• To play the classic-mode, you need to charge the battery.
– 5×5(1), 6×6(2), 7×7(3), 8×8(4), 9×9(5)
• Batteries are charged automatically. If you want to charge it, you can buy the item at store.

★ Support In-Game Store ★
• The Hint : Try to use it in classic mode.
• The battery : You can enjoy the game fully with buying the battery.

★ Support Multi-Languages ★
• We supports the 5 languages.
• List : English, Korean, Japanese, Simplified chinese, Traditional chinese.

★ Support Universal App ★
• We supports an universal app.
• Try to enjoy the pipelines using various devices.

★ Ad ★
• Pipe Lines contains Ad banners like the iAd banner.

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