Turn your breathtaking pictures into puzzles; add your own stories and greetings within the photos. There should be someone in the world who understands you.

With an attractive interface and beautiful sound effects, we’re going to make your cellphone into a colorful postcard filled with childhood feelings. Don’t forget, there’s an extra story behind each picture.

Now turn your stories, wishes, riddles and anything you would like to express into content-rich puzzles.

New features:
•A picture equals a story. Add your words behind your puzzles.
•UI updated. Warmer and finer. Feel the warmth with our exquisite details.
•Picture Lobby. Browse through pictures from users around the world.
•Improvisation. Photograph, text, and send!
•Thumbs Up & “HOT” feature added. If you’re our picture talent, your puzzles will appear here!
•Pick your content of interest and choose your favorite channel.
•Completely Free!

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