Pinball Dreaming: Pinball Dreams

Rating: 9+

Pinball Dreaming: Pinball Dreams is a game from Cowboy Rodeo, originally released 31st January, 2009


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Pinball Dreaming Review

Pinball Dreaming is the official port of a classic Amiga game from 1992. We haven’t played the original game, so we can’t speak to the accuracy of the port, but we can tell you that this is some of the best pinball you’re going to find on the App Store. The game comes with four tables, each with its own layout, scoring, and sound set, so if you tire of one, you can simply move onto the next.

More importantly, the gameplay feels great. The game’s touch controls are responsive, and you can play in either portrait or landscape view, using classic graphics from 1992 or the much smoother stuff from 2009. We are well aware that six bucks is a fair chuck of change on the App Store, but we think Pinball Dreaming’s worth it, so we’re giving it a 3.