Pimp Hand Strong

Now’s your chance to finally slap Ray in his first video game adventure ever! Experience all the face-slapping goodness you can handle in this hilarious and addictive masterpiece.

***How to Play***

Poke the screen to slap your way through waves of disembodied Ray heads while avoiding a variety of colorful obstacles. If you can keep up as the speed increases, you’ll be treated to an awesome bonus stage, otherwise you’ll face the shame of being insulted by none other than Ray himself. How long can you last?

Awesome mood setting music.
Hilarious sound effects made by Ray himself.
3 beautiful locations and 1 epic bonus stage.
Over 20 colorful obstacles to avoid.
A variety of Ray faces to take out your aggression on.
A high score board to compare your skills with players worldwide.

***Try the Free Version***
Play the flash version on Ray’s official site! (does NOT have all locations, sounds, or bonus stage)


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