Pilot's Path

*** LIMITED TIME OFFER – 75% OFF SALE *** Pilot’s Path is an old school top down view helicopter flying game, perfectly optimized for Retina Display, it’s also one of a very few games specifically designed to provide a better experience for players having a second iOS device, an Apple TV or a TV Out cable – compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, AirPlay and all types of TV Out cables, it supports all the possible multi-device configurations and a single device, as well.

The search and rescue, gather and trade gameplay guides a player through the story of a former USAF pilot, which, dishonorably discharged after an accident with an expensive military plane, makes his way back to the sky doing missions for criminal underground bosses – the path is nicely rendered and lies through beautiful cut scenes.

• Randomly generated maps for each new game
• Explore over 50 islands in 2 locations
• Collect and sell items from across archipelagos
• Make improvements to your helicopter
• Upgrade hull, fuel capacity, speed, radar range, and more

• Joystick controls that make flying easy and intuitive
• Beautifully rendered graphics and cut scenes
• Retro design maximized for retina and full HD displays

• Simple, super easy TV and remote setup
• Control remotely with another iOS device via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
• Play on a TV or a projector – HDMI, Airplay, VGA, RCA supported
• Configurable TV resolution for slow Wi-Fi connections
• Full HD and other resolutions natively supported
• Universal app, optimized for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
• Game Center achievements

• Spyglass ~ augmented reality compass and GPS nav toolkit
• Scany ~ powerful network scanner for Wi-Fi/LAN/4G/3G
• Happymagenta Video Poker ~ beautiful video poker

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