Pills Game

The most addictive Pills to date! A swift game that will get you engaged and challenged by it’s apparent simplicity.

Oh my! You better bring out your physics books! The Pills are not going to make it easy for you at all. Talk about reading between the lines, here you will have learn reading between the blocks!

Crash the colorful Pills into the block structures to obliterate them. Same color Pills and blocks will eliminate each other on contact, but choose wisely! Sometimes it is better to push than to crash.

✔ 10 FREE levels to get to know your Pills.
✔ 30 additional levels as in-app purchase.
✔ Animation quality graphics.
✔ Funny and entertaining animation and audio mix.
✔ Fun for all the family.
✔ Beautiful charming graphics.
✔ Swift to play, but challenging to complete.
✔ Simple gameplay, but engrossing.

Check the funny Pills on their POPS videos!

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