PileUp Pandas

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PileUp Pandas is a HD (High Definition) game for the iPhone & iPad, in which you need to build a tower of Pandas in order to reach the top fresh bamboo leaves.

The baby Panda bears are hungry and you have to help them reach the top leaves.

To do so you have to pile them up, creating a Panda tower. To reach the top leaves you need to pile up 25 Pandas. Not easy at all.

Just tap the screen when the top Panda moving sideways is aligned with the bottom Pandas, the moment you tap the screen the Panda will drop down.

Very addictive game, it has 10 different speeds that you can choose from, and you can also control the F.X. with forest sounds such as crickets, birds and frogs.

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-SuperFat – watch your died while you safe birds, by taking them to their nest, and avoid the rockets. Get laser beam to destroy obstacles and enemies (coming soon)
-Angry Sumos – the Sumos need to eat sushi in order to reach the conveyor belt, there are many tricks and different behaviors. (Coming soon)

You won’t stop playing for a while.

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Enjoy it !!!

M – ★★★★★
Too good in the bed before sleeping
by Archhertog – Version 1.3 – 04 October 2011

Pandasssss – ★★★★★
by RonaldBrownio – Version 1.3 – 24 September 2011
It won’t bit Angry Birds, but it’s pretty nice.

Nice PileUp game with speeds – ★★★★★
by Sebseb – Version 1.0 – 06 May 2011
Many options, and super high definition Cool game, suits everyone, perfect for when you are in a cue

Pandisimo – ★★★★★
by gamael84 – Version 1.0 – 15 March 2011
Que buen juego!!!! El diseño es genial!!! Tienen que tenerlo en su iPhone !!!

Niiiiice – ★★★★★
by Tukojeah – Version 1.0 – 24 March 2011
Cool game!!!!

Great! – ★★★★★
by Reloxator – Version 1.0 – 23 March 2011
Very addictive!!!

Very addictive – ★★★★
by MarleyGamer – Version 1.0 – 22 March 2011
I can’t stop

Gran juego – ★★★★★
by lacrew – Version 1.0 – 17 March 2011
Habilidad y equilibrio, muy entretenido

Fantastic – ★★★★★
by Mallork – Version 1.0 – 15 March 2011
My kids love it… and I do 2!!!!!

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