Pikachu: The Perfect Pairs (Lite)

This game base the famous game – collect pairs of items. But you have to choose one male and one female items to make a pairs instead of choose two items same together.
With new design and a good graphic, the game will bring to you the best relaxation.
You can play the game on three modes:
– Classic mode: collect all pairs on a period of time. You should collect it as fast as possible to get high score and get a high position on the high-score ranking. You can use the Hint to save the time, you have 10 Hints. The perfect thing is the game will auto mix the items together if it have no move.
– Mixer mode: You also have to collect all pair on a period of time same as Classic Mode. Additional,Items will mix together after you collect a pairs.
– Multi-player mode: you can play with other player online. Two player will collect pairs on the same board. The winer is who collect more pairs than the other.

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