Pigs Might Fly

***This is a ‘Top 25′ Game in the UK***

✔ Addictive gameplay
✔ Fun cartoon style characters
✔ An engaging plot
✔ You CAN help Graham The Pig choose freedom!
✔ All of this combined into Appstart’s latest and greatest creation

✦ Pigs Might Fly! ✦

✱✱✱✱✱✱✱✱ THE STORY ✱✱✱✱✱✱✱✱
Graham the pig was happily living a carefree life down on the farm, days were spent dreaming of mudbaths and sunbathing until that fatal morning when it hit home that his time there would soon be up.

Seeing all the other pigs march off to the big shed and not return Graham soon realises that his piggy fate wasn’t one to lay round and relax all day but to be a part of the international meat trade.
Thinking on his trotters Graham quickly makes a choice between saving his bacon or becoming bacon.

Graham made a run for it choosing freedom, freedom over following the masses into the abattoir, freedom over laying in between two slices of bread, a fried egg and drowning in tomato ketchup for Saturday morning breakfast or even worse, a ending up in a packet of pork scratchings, oh the shame.

Graham saw his chance, took it and made his escape.
The Farmer however doesn’t take too kindly to the fact that one of his prized possessions has not only escaped the mincer but outwitted him in the process. Armed with his rifle and chasing after Graham the Farmer will stop at nothing to get that pig in the mincer.

✱✱✱✱✱✱✱✱ THE GAME ✱✱✱✱✱✱✱✱
Playing the game as fugitive Graham your aim should you choose to accept it is to stay one step ahead of the farmer and his rifle.

The Farmer’s a very persistant man, though, and doesn’t give up easily. Taking to the skies the race takes you all around the world flying high using different modes of transport to get away from the Farmer as well as avoiding the other obstacles each level presents.

Wearing a variety of disguises Grahams escape spans the whole globe with levels including;
–the Farmyard
-Las Vegas
-The Serengeti

Use any means necessary to stay one step ahead of the Farmer. Modes of transport include;
-Chinese lanterns
-Helpful vultures
-Go-Go-Gadget helicopters!

You must collect enough coins on your travels to pay for a plane ticket to your next international destination. If you collect enough coins Graham will be on a private jet to his next location.
If you only scrape through the level it will be a nerve-racking flight in a rickety old biplane!

Each level has more things for you to collect, some will help you stay ahead of the game, others are just souvenirs on your travels, there’s a special chip to be collected in Las Vegas which helps you … well, we’d tell you but what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

So go forth, reach for the sky, be quick, be brave and by all means necessary stop the Farmer from bringing home the bacon.

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