Pigment's Playpen Lite

Everyone’s favorite flying pig has finally arrived on your iDevice.

Mix colors with Pigment, the polychromatic, aerodynamic piglet pilot of the barnyard skies.

Learn colors! Splat paints and shout their names! Find the cookies! Call Pigment!

Pigment’s Playpen Lite teaches toddlers 2-to-7 primary and secondary colors, their names, and how to mix them. Once inside the playpen, the main screen is locked to keep little fingers from wandering through the rest of your iPhone’s content.

Yellow! Blue! Red! Green! Purple! Orange! Brown!

Chiming with charming music, made for children.

Pigment snorts and rolls with every splat of paint on the iPhone and iPod Touch screens. Splat one color and touch it to hear a playpen of children shout its name. Splat a second and the colors mix – Yellow! and Blue! become Green!

Pigment’s Playpen Lite was designed on the foundation of Jean Piaget’s research into the Pre-Operational stage of childhood development.

Coming soon: Pigment’s Playpen, Pigment’s Playpen HD, Pigment’s Shapes and Letters (free, iPhone and HD).

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