Piggy's Revenge

*****Who says pig cannot defeat birds?*****
As you know more and more birdie games have taken our mobile and some brutal birds especially hit and beat up the harmless pigs. Do not you guys have a little merciful heart? Don’t you think these piggies so pitiful? Don’t you believe the God has seen everything? If or not, the Angel decide to help the pigs this time and it is the right time for all them to counter attack the violence.
In game you would guild all piggies protect their home with a special magical crayon. It is very powerful what you draw on screen will become reality. Waiting for your excellent performance and let the pig win in this revenge war.

– Draw the symbol images on screen and then they will become the real thing.
– Addicting, innovative gameplay.
– 40 addictive and awesome levels.
– Funny characters, sound effects, and music.
– Movie style place you in the story.
– Hum.., you can see my real face!

*****Really? So what updates will come in future version?*****
– Additional 70 levels will be added.
– 3 other charming symbol images for you.
– More than 3 new scene will appear.
– New levels design.
– Additional 2 absurd bosses come on stage.
– Game center function.
– Play online via game-center with others.
– Share you score on Facebook and Twitter to your friends.

***Download and your encouraging reviews can help keep updates coming.***

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