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Hey guess what?! PIGGY is a great game that everyone will LOVE! Piggy needs to lose weight… Be his personal trainer & dietician to help him reach his goal!

Meet Piggy:
He is obese guy who has been in love with Laura for so long & never expressed his feelings to her because of his weight-related self esteem problems. Will you step up to the challenge & use your analytical & judgemental skills to help Piggy regain his confidence & be with the love of his life?

This is a real time game, Piggy eats, drinks, exercises and even sleeps just as you do… Piggy sleeps from 12:00 am – 7:00 am, good luck waking him up to exercise!

You’ll be proud of yourself when you see the results!

Common sense, some physiology information, & some calculations will help Piggy lose the weight while staying HEALTHY…

Be prepared for some competition with the results with the game center integration…

Keep in mind… This game will give you ideas of how to maintain a healthy weight & life style yourself!

Don’t miss the [How To] guide inside the game, read and you’re ready to go…

Piggy is excited and can’t wait to meet you… Good Luck!

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