Piggies Ninja:Hero

For thousands of years, they led a peaceful life on the land from generation to generation.
One day, in the devils’ operation of assassinating the king, the princess was carried off unexpectedly by the devil leader due to the lateness of the leading role, and since then, the leading role began to rescue the princess …

Full of the scenes of classical Asian style
Enhance character properties through the strengthening of weapons
Copy material system provides required materials
Unique pet skills, higher grade contribute to pass game level
Powerful intelligent BOSS system makes fight more splendid
Abundant game level system, upgraded weapons contribute to pass game level

2 × 3 × 3 skill combination
6 kinds of pets with unique talents
11 kinds of foes and BOSS
20 main level maps
Free switch between two weapons
Three featured copy scenes
Support Retina (high definition) display
Support iphone5 well

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