Pigeon Revenge Free

Pigeon Revenge Free
(this free version contains a single level only.)

When we humans walk the streets, there is always tension, there is always fear, fear of being pooped on. The rise of the coffee culture in todays cities could be attributed to the need for stress relief from the fear of being pooped upon.

Be the pigeon, see how many times you can poop on unsuspecting targets.
Let out the tension of a hard day, by pooping on others.
Try your skill and hit an unsuspecting target, or for bonus points, hit the target multiple times.

With 20 levels, of increasing difficulty, see if you can reach the end.
Gain bonus attributes, super large poops, or the rapid fire poop, in order to gain a high score.

“To poop or not to poop that is the question.
Is it nobler to poop on the unsuspecting or to poop on the wary?
Should we suffer from the embarrassment of pavement blotches, or
be elated with well covered city folk?”
Extract taken from Sir Pudlin Octavious Orvill Pigeon, “Omlet”.

Play Pigeon Revenge and be one with the pigeon.

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