Pig&Chicks Lite

A brave pig and four super chicks!! A comic style action/ adventure game using simple swipe control to ward off attackers and pass obstacles!! A troublesome Pig and cool Super Chicks will bring you lots of fun!!

★Game Story★

Alfie, the Pig and 4 Super Chicks team up together to find their way to Dark City. 4 Super Chicks escaped the lab of a Mad Scientist that wanted to create an army of Super Animals to rule the world! However, the Super Chicks have no desire to rule the world and want the simple life. They can link up together to transform into a bridge, whip, helicopter and wrecking ball to get through all the obstacles!

★Lite Version Features★

-2 different game worlds and 16 interesting stage maps.
– Very cute and fun cartoon style characters!
– An adventure mode to enjoy the game story.

– Post your scores with Facebook.
– Get game points and items.
– Addictive gameplay with simple touch and swipe action!


No confusing game controls!!
Touch anywhere on the screen and swipe in the desired direction!!
Forward, Diagonal Up/Down, Down and Up.
The Four super chicks will do everything for you!!

★Contact Hocobi★

Please contact Hocobi with any questions or any technical issues.

Email: contact@hocobi.com
Facebook: http://facebook.com/Hocobi
Twitter: http://twitter.com/Hocobi
YouTube: http://youtube.com/Hocobi

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