Pig Curling Free

148apps: “Pig Curling challenges players with the joys of curling, but adds in some obstacles and replaces the stone with cute pigs. We’ll never look at curling the same way again.”

Blog Critics: 4/5
“CEMG Apps has produced a perfect, cool, time waster.”

Appolicious: “Pig Curling gains a lot from replacing stones with swine, like various kinds of pigs that can go further or bash through obstacles”

GamerPops: 72%
“Pig Curling is a fun little distraction and a good casual game for your iOS device… There’s enough here for a solid game, it’s a fun concept, and it’s good value.”


Pigs may not fly but they do slide!

Fling the pigs down the ice with your finger and try to hit the target. There are different types of pigs to throw, and you’ll have to evade obstacles like pins, wood boards, steel rails, and holes in the ice. For an added challenge, each level offers various floor surfaces with different frictions, like wood and cement.

Log your high scores on Game Center, and integrate your Twitter and Facebook accounts to show off your pig-flinging skills.



* 40 levels to play, with more to come
* 7 different types of pigs to throw, including special power pigs to help hit the target
* 4 different floor surfaces to slide pigs on
* Obstacles to maneuver on each surface
* Game Center, Facebook, and Twitter integration
* Universal app

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