Pig Bon

Happy New Year 2012!! Gesture action, unlimited weapons and new item, join and enjoy it!

Who says only bird gets angry? All these chirpily cheep so called “Angry Ones” really reach a limit. Now, hold your weapons, it is PIGS’ TIME!!!!!!!

Bon, Warrior of Pig’s kingdom, would create and build a new legend of a hero by defeat and terminate all aggressions from birds’ world.

One click to shoot the birds by throwing weapons. Tap to Fire!!

Bluetooth competitive mode is available! Two pigs in one screen, ready to challenge your friends?

4 main Quests include more than 20 Tasks with ever-changing scenes are available for challenge. Clear each of them to unlock new elements and collect plumes for exchanging weapons and other items.

Up to 7 species of bird and 3 Bird Zepplins is attacking!! Shoot them down!

Three kinds of weapons include Stone axe、Boomerang and Bomb are available through 5 levels.

Health potion and Phoenix tail are available in Bon’s shop.

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