Our puppet, Pierre, Michel, Skeleton,
I was taken to the castle devil caught the bad guys.
You are fighting the bad guys in the castle transformed into a child of the devil little fairy
Dolls help us, please recover the slot game that has been deprived.

■ “shooter classic”
In a classic game defeat the enemy attack coming from the upper part of the standard,
I play in a short amount of time anyone from children to adults.

■ “Recommended music.”
Classical music is turned and BGM, and what I say …
I can fight comfortably? !

■ “change the face of the boss”
At any time, so you can change the face of the boss you’ll face in the game,
The face of the boss or taking a dislike, a photo of the face of a friend, I can not forgive you,
Likened to the boss guy, beat! !

■ “mounting slots games”
The game beat the three bosses cleared,
Since I can play the slot games from the boss regain,
Where there is no confidence in shooting
I am doomed to score up full blast here!

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