Piece me BIRDS!

“What’s cool about them is that there’s a focus
on the artwork and the artists behind the visuals.”
-Jonathan H. Liu, Wired Geek Dad

Piece me BIRDS! is an educational puzzle app, featuring the amazing art of Amy Ruppel.

Using simple, button-free navigation, Piece me BIRDS! allows even the youngest of users to navigate the game. Your child will learn the name, spelling and song of each beautiful bird as they piece them together in an endless loop of educational fun.

App Features:

• 7 Beautiful bird puzzles to challenge and educate your child.
• Meet Amy! acquaints your child with the artist behind the art.
• An index, allowing your child to select which bird they’d like to piece together.
• A secure, looping gameplay with no external links to the app store or other unwanted content for your child.

Piece me PUZZLES! is a series of educational puzzle apps intended to entertain and educate your child while acquainting them with amazing contemporary artists.


Developed by Fashionbuddha Studios 2011

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