Picture Swap Puzzle

Picture Swap Puzzle is a fun puzzle game. Solve the puzzle by arranging the shuffled pieces!
It’s so simple to play! Just drag on a puzzle piece to move it and complete the picture.

Each puzzle piece is placed in a random order.
Drag and drop a piece over another puzzle piece to swap the place.
Keep swapping around the pieces until you solve the puzzle!

There are 13 sets of puzzles, for a total of about 130 puzzles.
You can choose the number of pieces from 4×4, 5×5, 6×6 and 8×8.

When you complete a set of puzzles, you can unlock a special 10×14 pieces puzzle!

More puzzles will be added in future updates.
v1.0 … 5 sets of puzzles.
v1.1 … 7 sets of puzzles.
v1.2 … 9 sets of puzzles.
v1.3 … 11 sets of puzzles.
v1.4 … 13 sets of puzzles.

You can use your photos and create original puzzles.
It means you can enjoy creating an infinite number of puzzles!

It’s free of charge. Download and try it for FREE now!

You can also purchase the add-on to hide ads.
The add-on features not only an option to hide ads but also more puzzles.

* Your device performance may be slow when displaying ads.
Please purchase an ad free add-on for better performances.

* You can ON/OFF the outline of each piece of puzzle from the settings (use “i” button on the top left of the title screen).

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