PicQuiz – Landmarks quiz, play and learn about important places of the world.
Know all about the world's famous landmarks even before you leave your house!! PicQuiz is an easy to use educational game that helps you to test and improve your knowledge on the famous landmarks across the world. Unique Results Grid System developed by CampusHour, engages children in meaningful ways. PicQuiz allows you to add to your knowledge about the landmarks with additional information from trusted resources. You can view this information from the app itself. The best way to learn new information is to be repeatedly challenged to answer questions about it. PicQuiz encourages this learning system to help you build your knowledge. You will be amazed how much you already know and how quickly you can add to this knowledge. Learn more about the landmarks that interest you.
• Presents a set of 12 questions in each quiz, so that you can measure the progress in units.
• Instant replay to test your memorization and focus.
• Unique results grid system to engage kids and help them visualize the results.
• Rapid answers are awarded higher points, keeps children sharp.

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