This puzzle is made from your favorite pictures of photo album. Also you can use a camera, then instantly a puzzle will be started. Of course the puzzle randomly will be made every time.

The difficulty which you can choose are 4 types.
Puzzle8 – Easy (Default)
Puzzle15 – Normal
Puzzle24 – Hard
Puzzle35 – Extreme

[ How to use it ]
If you want to play the puzzle from camera, please tap the camera icon of tool bar. After you take a photo, you can adjust position of it, then the picture will be changed puzzle, then you can play it!

If you want to play the puzzle from photo album, it’s almost same way as using camera. Choose/adjust a picture, then done.

You can check correct picture(the answer as well). If you want to do that, please tap the button of bottom right on tool bar. Also you can change a setting of difficulty from here, so if you change it, you need to tap retry button(the shape is reload) on tool bar after that.


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