Picking Up Chicks Is Hard, When Your Car Is A BMX

from , originally released 1st January, 1970

Available for $ on the App Store

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Picking Up Chicks Is Hard, When Your Car Is A BMX Review

Did you get a kick out of the title of this game? Read it again, crack a grin, and then move on, because the game itself is a poorly-made, frustrating mess.

Though we featured Picking Up Chicks Is Hard, When Your Car Is A BMX in a recent indie games round-up, it wasn’t our intention to endorse it. The game is a simple high-score survival game, which you’ve probably played dozens of. In fact, Picking Up Chicks was made using Canabalt’s freely available source code.

The difference here is that you’re on a bike, you can perform tricks, and you can pick up “chicks” to throw them at targets. That’s the entire game, and it’s not very fun at all.

Picking up chicks is even harder if you break all your bones flubbing a trick.

The trick system is particularly messy, since you have to swipe once to perform a trick and swipe in the same direction again to get back into your riding stance. If you land in the middle of a trick, it’s game over.

The problem is that it can be difficult to start and stop tricks, all while managing your speed and position by tilting the phone and tapping to jump over gaps. We’d prefer if the tricks landed automatically, so we could focus on biking. The other gameplay element, picking up chicks, is pretty silly, but not very challenging or fun.

Tying together this cumbersome control system is a bleak, low-res background that repeats endlessly. The chiptune music is pretty decent, and you can find some of those tracks available for download online.

Throw in the fact that this high-score game doesn’t have any online high-scores, and you’ve got no reason at all to buy it. Don’t pick this game up, even if it does have a funny name.