PickaHand +1

PickaHand +1

You get 2 games for free! We’re nice huh?

We are tired of giving our kids games to play just to have them give them back to us after a few seconds because of some pop-up, menu thingy or advertisement that stops them from playing for more than a minute. We want them to have fun and maybe we need a break!

So we made this game bundle to give parents around the world 10 minutes of peace when they need it. Or to sooth the child while they’re having a meltdown in the cereal isle. Put this game in their face and it’ll cool them down guaranteed.

Loogaroo’s games for kids have no pop ups, no ads, no complexities. They are just simple, funny, one button games for kids ages 2-6.

Here are the games descriptions:

Meet Gilbert, a fuzzy little monster who likes to give you stuff! The catch? You have to pick the hand that the stuff is in!

Choose the correct hand and win a cool prize, choose the wrong hand and get nothing! Collect all the prizes and you’ll beat the game! Be careful though, Gilbert likes to throw in some stinky surprises once in a while, however he’ll make up for them with some super cool prizes too!

Collect them all!

Yarr! Prepare your fingers! A cartoony silly-packed game awaits you!

Pop all the balloons as they float up. Some balloons have treasure, some don’t. Be quick and fill your treasure chest with pirate splendor! Collect all the prizes and your pirate sets sail for another adventure!

Both games are themed for girls and boys. Enjoy all the silly animations and fun surprises!

Gene & Loogaroo

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