Physics Slots Free HD

Physics Slots HD offers 3 unique progressive JACKPOT slot machines.

Physics Slots is a unique slot machine game that brings you Vegas style entertainment. Physics based 2D game engine delivers a powerful, real looking slot machines that can’t be matched in any other casino app.

Game play consists of betting any amount you wish and spinning the reel. Game includes 3 free 2D based slot machine games including a 3-card poker game. With Physics Slots, you will also get Progressive Jackpot, Game Center integration to compete against your friends, and a Bonus 2D Physics based game that is given if you get 1 or more Jackpot icons in line.

Physics Slots is an independent game.

Features include:
– 3 Physics Based Slot Machines
– Physics Based Bonus Game when any “Win” comes.
– Progressive Jackpot
– 3-Card Poker Slot Machine
– 7 Game Center Leaderboards
– 100 Bonus Credits every 2 hours of active play.
– Auto Bet
– 1x, 5x and 20x Bet Amounts

Physics Slots HD GamePlay:

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Physics Slots HD
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