Phumbler is the exciting new social game from Kudu Apps. Enjoy hours of entertainment while sharing pictures with your friends and family! Simply take a picture or select one from your albums and Phumbler will jumble it up and send an amusing puzzle to solve. Messages let you send a hint or even a funny message along with your Phumble.

This addictive game will keep you playing (and laughing) for hours! An exciting way to share pictures while also playing a fun new game! Instead of just texting pictures Phumbler turns it into a fun game to play with your friends!


A simple, easy to use interface that everyone can enjoy!

Convenient messages can be included with your Phumble to give your friends a hint.

Speaking of Hints! – Stuck on a particularly hard Phumble? Don’t worry, just use a hint or two to help you along.

You’ll get coins from each completed Phumble you solve and also when your friends complete the Phumbles you send. Solve harder Phumbles to earn more coins!

Cash in coins for more hints and you’ll be flying through Phumbles in no time!

Upgrade in-app to become a Pro User and get many great benefits:
– Extra points for every Phumble solved!
– Unlock more grid sizes to send!
– Remove the ads (the pictures get bigger!)
– Bonus: Get some extra coins!

Sign in with Facebook to easily see which of your friends are already enjoying Phumbler and are ready for a challenge.

Friends not on Phumbler yet? Don’t worry you will be able to send them an email from in the game and they’ll be up and Phumbling ASAP!

Did you get an awesome Phumble that you just solved? Share the photo on Facebook or Tweet it right in the app!

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