Do you like taking photos? Do you like playing games? Do you like your friends? Oh, you do? Then PhotoFight is definitely the game for you!

Challenge your friends to see who can take photos of the wildest and craziest prompts we could come up with! If we did not come up with something crazy enough for you, no problem! Dare your friend to take a picture of anything you can think of.

Yeah, one more thing. We made a game out of it. Race to a set coin value that you choose to determine who the the greatest is in PhotoFight. Keep track of you and your friends with our daily, weekly, and all time leader boards as well.

Enjoy the ability to draw and add text to photos, share to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, invite any of your Facebook friends, and try and complete an assortment of over 2500+ prompts. Earn coins to purchase additional color palettes as well as additional dare prompts to challenge your friends with!

Please enjoy PhotoFight and remember to fight the friendly way!

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